Thursday, May 10, 2012

What your mother won't tell you

-{A summer satchel will instantly add color to her day-to-day outfits}-

Women hold such an important role. We are in charge of taking care of the home, picking up after everyone else, and keeping everything together. Mother's day is a time to celebrate the support and love we receive from the one person who put our needs first. The best gift for such a giving person is purchasing a piece they wouldn't go out of their way to get for themselves. Spoil her with a piece she can treasure.
-{Don't be afraid to gift the color of tangerine, this can be worn with summer dress or rolled up jeans}-

-{Something she will wear over and over again}-

-{Women spend less on jewelry than they really should, instead of fine jewelry, get her a little something that she can wear without having to think about how to work it into her outfits}-

-{A little va-voom for a boost in confidence and a flirty piece for date nights}-

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Love in the form of fashion

-{If you find yourself daydreaming and twirling when you try it on, it is defintley the dress}-

There is nothing sweeter than love, more romantic than a first kiss, or more royal than your wedding. During this season, I get a little nostalgic about my own wedding. I fall in love all over again, find inspiration in the most current chic flicks, and can't help but reach out at pieces that sparkle. Maybe I get so caught up in work during this time because I never got to experience a huge wedding like I always dreamed. My job is to search for every perfect piece to make the bride feel like the most important person in the world.

-{Wearing a skirt and a metallic mesh top is a perfectly fine alternative}-

-{The head piece to bring back a classic accessory to a modern look}-

-{A box clutch for a balance of structure to a overly flirty dress}-

-{The only gold shoe with just the right amount of sparkle}-