Monday, October 31, 2011

Boots Without Fault

If you are looking for the perfect boot, you are in the right place. Below I have chosen the top 5 boots my clients have purchased for fall (catered to all different styles and personalities).

What boot is your favorite?


Naya - $249.95

-{Soft beige, sweet ruffles, and a heel height you won't mind}-


-{The wedge is comfortable, the color compatible with your floral tops, stipped pieces and favorite jewelry}-


Isola - $319.95

-{Leaner, longer legs, and the perfect chic detailing to pair with your structured jackets and looks}-


                                                         Sperry Stop Sider - $97.95

-{Look forward to walking through the city and puddles with no worry}-


            Born- $179.95

-{Could there be a more perfect day-to-day boot? The perfect balance between comfort and style.}-

"And we dressed from head to toe in love...the only brand that never goes out of style."

-Carrie Bradshaw

Friday, October 21, 2011

A More Sophisticated Leopard Print

Peak Through Your Layer

-{Similar dress at Vince Camuto}-

What some women tend to fear is that the print will overwhelm their body and take over. The best tip is to simply add a cardigan or a blazer to keep it low key.

A Little Here, A Little There

-{Find the look at Ann Taylor}-

Budget friendly and great to wear with many pieces you own. Leopard print shoes are the hottest way to wear the trend this fall.

Wear last seasons purchase right now

-{Similar bag by Nine West}-

Last season it was all about leopard print bags, this season add it to your fall wardrobe with great boots and skinny pants for an everyday kind-of look.

"You need to know what you want and who you are, and you have to convey it to others quickly so that you shine at first impression." - Burberry's Christopher Bailey

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Forever Together: Fur + Leather

Carole McClellan's future was destined to be in the art of fashion. At age 14 she fell in love with an expensive leather jacket she couldn't afford, which led her to a profession of making pieces for others to cherish. I felt the need to share her talent, her home, and her work. What you may not know about Carole: she left college after just one semester to seek a living as a designer, using strictly:

|fur + leather|.

Seattle Met Buzz

To the right: Refurbished Persian lamb funnel-neck coat ($3,260)

To the left: Refurbished Saga black cross mink vest ($2,350)

Made to Order

I have been in closets where women have beautiful leathers and furs that are just sitting there. Really, all it needs is a little altering in the shoulders, but if you really want to take it apart, Carole can make custom pieces you can wear. According to Carole, "A piece that has been passed down can be retouched and last another 20 years."

Her Loft: Home and Studio

Carole's attention to detail took my breath away. From consultation to drawing, designing to sewing, each process was completed with intricate work and focus. I must share with you, these pictures do not do justice and hardly captures the feeling of the fur or workmanship in the structure of the pieces.

**Fall 2011 leather basics are in the works, and the best part? There are more colors, washable leather, and waterproof leather integrated in the mix.