Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TLC's: What not to wear

If you've watched Stacy London on the hit show, "What not to wear," you are familiar with her makeover magic. Over the weekend she made an appearance at the Westfield Southcenter Mall and her team of stylists were offering makeovers to the ladies that attended.

I got to sit down and interview a stylist from Oregon who came to Seattle to help with the tour. According to her, the worst fashion mistake a person can make is wearing trends from head to toe rather than using a trend or a couple trends to express your individuality. I completely agree but I feel lately that the use of leggings have abused by women, it's almost as if they are starting to feel too comfortable in them. Wearing shear leggings with short tops and showing off their bare skin, white leggings...I don't even want to go there, wearing leggings with tennis shoes, with summer dresses, and I can go on.

In our business casual city of Seattle there are a few pieces every woman should own. We both came up with a different answer. Her answer was a black or navy jacket. In one day a woman will drop her children off at school, go to a meeting at work, take the kids to a game, and end up at a cocktail party. A blazer is a piece that will make you feel good and look appropriate no matter what. Which of course is a must and I added a great go-to shoe. I work with many women that stick to black shoes, clogs, and cheap flats because women struggle with finding shoes that have comfort and style.

Here is a video from the tour of "Invest in This." For my clients I actually tell them to invest in a good shoe and a jacket. If you want comfort and you want style, a JC Penny shoe is not going to cut it, and if you want to be taken seriously in the work place or are on the run, a good jacket will always keep your outfit tailored and sharp.

What piece would you invest in?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seattle's 1st Annual Swapping Spree

I want to personally want to thank each and everyone of you for making this event such a success! We have had many attendees ask us if we could do this twice a year and we are working to see if it would be possible. It was the first HUGE event I had ever put on and it wouldn't of been possible without the help of Amanda Lang and Angie Bryant.







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This Season's Must Have Blouse

I have been totally intrigued by the impact this blouse has made. Literally every store you walk into has every color, pattern, and bow size imaginable. My mind literally thinks up of many ways to adapt this piece in your wardrobe.

WHY you must have it? It is a menswear inspired piece that will still give you the power you want in the workplace but with a feminine feel to it.

Put Together Comfort

If you are looking for comfort in your work attire, wear flats in a luxurious color and style.

Everybody Knows Your Name

Two prints combined to create an eye pleasing look. A play on colors for an energy lifting outfit.

Dressed to Conquer

You cannot tell me this isn't the most absolute timeless yet modern outfit you've seen. The skinny mary jane shoes will do the trick to tie together this work attire.

70s Chicest Comeback


A style icon for her one shoulder dresses, white suits, Grecian draped dresses, turbans and much more.


Who could forget her in the movie Klute, her suede boots, short skirts, and fringe everywhere.


Their suits, strictly business!