Friday, April 29, 2011

Suited for Spring?

I'm all for the sharp tailored look, I can't get enough of well fitted jackets! They are an important staple item for your closet this season, but I say steer away from your favorite black blazer and follow some of my suggestions below:


Why not strut the streets in a colorful, fun, mix and match, suit combo? I have to say this is one of my favorite outfits, it is way too chic to reserve for client meetings and categorize as office attire show it off as you run errands and meet up for cocktails.


I know we've seen a lot of casual wear lately in the workplace and on the street but designers are bringing back full on suits. Of course not the typical styles, all are cut in flattering designs, an array of colors, prints, and lapel sizes. Like a dress, you will love how easy it is to wear. The only rule: be CREATIVE with the jewelry and shoes.


Bored of you neutral pieces? I know we have so many safe pieces we turn to on a daily basis, take a risk! Get a colorful blazer and brighten your closet in an instant. I suggest finding a color that makes you feel your best and a flattering style for your body type.


What I absolutely LOVE about a blazer is how it adds a professional, pulled together look to a bohemian top or even a flowy dress. It will work miracles for the poofy blouses you have trouble wearing on it's own.


Outfit from Rebecca Minkoff's Spring 2011 Collection

Why not try wearing your blazer with shorts? If you love your legs show off your trendy side and wear your favorite blazer in a new way.

"I've learned to trust my taste-if something makes me happy, then I love it!" -Jordana Brewster

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jewelry Love Affair: Alexis Bittar

The Alexis Bittar Spring 2011 collection was inspired by the 1970s with his personal touch on a retro futuristic vibe. Each bold piece makes for a glamorous addition and I completely agreed when he told me, " is our job to excite the women in Seattle about fashion."

A Simple Piece Can Go A Long Way


A clean cut, texture in the metalwork, and a subtle expression when paired with your long sweaters, neutral attire, and favorite sleek boots. This modern piece shows feminity in the delicacate chain and an edgy yet strong statement in the art of the larger metal work.

Where to invest

$475 @ Nordstrom

I would say, if you wanted to really invest in a statement piece to strut at galas, silent auctions, and festive parties this would be the piece. You will not go wrong with a neutral stone, it will compliment a variety of colors.

Versatile and Glamorous

$345 @ Nordstrom

What I love about Lucite is that it's matte lustre makes a great jewelry piece. This necklace is short enough to be worn with jackets, glamorous enough to accent dresses, and beautiful enough to treasure forever.

Sparkle and Shine

$455 @ Nordstrom

As you know, sparkle and sequins are totally day time acceptable. Don't shy away from a little eye popping glitter look in your next jewelry purchase. I promise your jeans and flats will feel all dressed up for your evening outings.

Chunky Love

$245 @ Nordstrom

Chunky rings are not only fun, they really POP. Just make sure you don't accidentally lose it when taking it off to wash your hands.  It happens......

A new kind of royalty

$225 @ Nordstrom

For those that wear higher necklines, a necklace with weight and length can recreate your looks. An asymmetrical cut added to a  precious stone gives a nice twist to a classic look.

To view the full collection visit:

Did you know?!?!?!

Alexis Bittar teamed with designer and legendary stylist Patricia Field to create one of a kind custom pieces for Sex and the City? He started 11 years ago from his one bedroom apartment and was discovered on the street selling his pieces on a local market. Now he is everywhere from Nordstrom in Seattle to high end European boutiques.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clean Your Closet Like A Pro

It’s that time of year! Spring is well underway and I know we are all ready for cleaning out our closets. Let me make it easy for you. Schedule out 2 hours of your time, grab a glass of your favorite drink, invite your girlfriends and make it a cleanout party. It’s nice to have encouragement and support from the ones you trust most.
My advice, start with what you know and do it on a positive note. I personally use the steps below when working with my clients. Let’s get started!
1. Keep the pieces you love
I think it is important to have a smaller closet with pieces you love rather than a huge designer closet filled with unworn, unflattering garments. To make this process less overwhelming and to help you discover a thing or two about your personal style, I suggest to start by finding the pieces you love!
WARNING: If you love it BUT it is piling, fading, too worn, or torn, it had a good life. It is in no condition to wear anymore and must be put in the good bye pile. Make sure you replace it promptly with a similar item.
Analyze them. Ask yourself  the following questions: What do you love about it? Is it the color, the cut, the fit or is it just easy to combine in various ways? Take note mentally or write it down.
2. Take out pieces you never liked in the first place
The second easiest thing, right? You know what pieces you are holding onto that you never liked in the first place. The worst thing you could do is have them hanging in your closet, take them out immediately. Are you thinking about the money you spent on it? I want you to go back remember the times you wore it and how awful you felt. Don’t try to make it work, it’s time to let go.
You may feel guilty about the past purchases but keep in mind that from now on you will make smarter shopping choices. 

Ask yourself: What you don’t like about it. Is it the color, the fit, the fabric? Again take note.
3. Take out pieces you don’t wear
Here are the rules:
If there is a memory attached, please keep! Just store it in another area away from the clothing you wear daily.
Is it too small? First weed through the pieces that are too small and decide whether it is dated or in bad condition. If you are trying to lose weight, put the clothing that is still wearable in a box, label it with a date a few months from now to open it. Then decide whether or not to keep it in the box longer, donate it, or take it out and wear it.
Don’t know how to wear it but it fits nicely and you really like it? Keep it, look through fashion magazines, department store websites, or have a personal stylist help you find multiple outfits. This is why I don’t follow the 12 month rule, it may be a great piece but you need to find the perfect way to wear it.
When you start to replenish, use the notes you took. You now know what works best and what doesn’t. Replace the pieces you took out and make smart, beautiful purchases. 

If you need help cleansing your closet for the season e-mail me at

"Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets."  ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960