Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For The Love of Quality

Here is what you were waiting for, the must-have list of pieces you won't find your best friend wearing. These pieces were chosen carefully and are timeless, versatile, and have delicate details that will catch your eye.

Kevia Jewelry - $288
Amethyst & Cubic Zirconia

These sweet earrings will take your basics up a notch. All I see are numerous outfits transformed by this one-of-a-kind earring.


Danijo - $430

Simple.... in a modern way. For the minimalist who seeks quality and structured details that make a piece lay just right.

Nina Peter - $575

It's the right decision to appreciate the skewed, asymmetrical, unevenness of pieces that create their sense of wonder. You can't miss this piece even if you tried.


Tommy Hilfiger - Fall 2011 Runway

If you were to decide upon a timeless dress with flair, this is it. Tommy's preppy signature is more than khaki pants and crew neck sweaters, his fall collection can only be summed up in two words: effortless glamour.


Valentino Booties - $1,695

Roses are red, violets, are blue, these are sparkly black and see through too! 

"I love beautiful clothes, so when fashion became about grunge and minimalism I never followed. I think those trends were very offensive for women. I always say I am here to make women look beautiful and not like fools or crazy fashion victims." - Valentino

Holiday Fashion Finds Under $50

Unique Pieces for your holiday festivities all under $50, these are some of my most unique finds this past week. Enjoy!

Armani Exchange - $28

How many hoop and pearl stud earrings do you already own? Go for a new shape to add to your collection of favorite pieces.


Anthropology - $42

Looking for color? Go for color-blocked strands to wear this season and next.


Clooney by Coconuts - $49.97

Yes they are suede, but can be worn during fall/winter too! Just make sure it's not raining outside.


DSW - $29.95

Big enough to fit your wallet and cell, stylish enough to show off.


Miss Selfridge - $45

What I can never pass up is a dress I can wear with pretty much anything from a cardigan, jacket, or faux fur wrap. Made to be worn day or night.

"Grab the holidays by the horns in head-turning party attire." -Harper's Bazaar, January 2012

Friday, December 2, 2011

What not to wear to the holiday festivities

I have seen this one too many times. A cotton strapless lime green summer dress worn with a white cardi is not going to cut it. At least wear a skirt top combo if you do not have a dress to wear.


Dress by: Stella McCartney

This is your time to shine! Black shoes, black tights, and a black dress can be a downer. If you do decide to wear a little black dress, change it up with bold jewelry, metallic/sparkly shoes, leather, or fur. This dress above works, the subtle detailing in the sheer sleeve, the polka dots, the fit, the heels with the nude strap, it looks just eye-catching!

Shoe: Enzo Angiolini

It is sad to see a woman who looks beautiful and can't strut her look. Save yourself the pain and the silliness and wear a smaller heel (if you can walk in 4 in+ shoes, go right ahead).


Parties mean lots of pictures. It's ok to re-wear dresses but not for the same exact party with a roomful of the same people. Find a new dress or find a way to change up your LBD.

Rachel Zoe in Harper's Bazaar August 2011

You've seen it. An outfit to die for and the beauty part got lost somewhere along the getting dressed session (or there was a loss of time). Plan accordingly, schedule an appointment with the nail salon a day before, get your hair done by a professional if you cannot do it yourself, and it only take about 15 minutes to do your own make-up. Planning will avoid the last minute stress.

"My legacy would be that you don't have to give up anything. You can be chic but have a sense of humor, you can be sexy but comfortable, you can be timeless but fresh," he says in a moment that would make Oprah proud. "I think to be empathetic is the greatest gift you can have as a designer." 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We Got You Covered

Piece together your sea of cotton tops and bulky sweaters with the tips below:

No Purchase Necessary

-{A new way to wear your cashmere sweaters and button downs.}-
Pic: Nordstrom Catalog Oct. 2011

Jacket Enchantment

-{Print on the outside, solid on the inside. The jewelry will make the outfit.}-
Pic: Rachel Zoe

Match the color, not the fabric

-{The trick to make it work, mix textures, weights, and fabrics.}-
Pic: J. Crew Nov. 2011

Neutral Blues
-{Taupe, black, and gray taking over? Add a print or color underneath for a splash of interest.}-
Pic: Jennie blogger of

Flow not Frump

-{A fitted piece may feel much more comfortable after adding a layer with more fabric, less cling.}-
Pic: Nordstrom Catalog Oct. 2011

What layering tip did you find most useful?

"It's all about good taste." Giorgio Armani

Saturday Savings

After you hit the big department stores on Friday, support your favorite boutiques at the 2nd Annual Small Business Saturday, where people across the country will be supporting local stores.

We have savings you can't pass up:

*How to purchase a  Wardrobe Styling Service: Call or E-mail: and mention "SATURDAY SAVINGS"

**How to purchase at the Consignment Boutique: Come in from 11 am to 5 pm to shop at 5348 1/2 Ballard Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107

Thank you for all your support and hope to see you there,

Tannya Bernadette

Monday, October 31, 2011

Boots Without Fault

If you are looking for the perfect boot, you are in the right place. Below I have chosen the top 5 boots my clients have purchased for fall (catered to all different styles and personalities).

What boot is your favorite?


Naya - $249.95

-{Soft beige, sweet ruffles, and a heel height you won't mind}-


-{The wedge is comfortable, the color compatible with your floral tops, stipped pieces and favorite jewelry}-


Isola - $319.95

-{Leaner, longer legs, and the perfect chic detailing to pair with your structured jackets and looks}-


                                                         Sperry Stop Sider - $97.95

-{Look forward to walking through the city and puddles with no worry}-


            Born- $179.95

-{Could there be a more perfect day-to-day boot? The perfect balance between comfort and style.}-

"And we dressed from head to toe in love...the only brand that never goes out of style."

-Carrie Bradshaw

Friday, October 21, 2011

A More Sophisticated Leopard Print

Peak Through Your Layer

-{Similar dress at Vince Camuto}-

What some women tend to fear is that the print will overwhelm their body and take over. The best tip is to simply add a cardigan or a blazer to keep it low key.

A Little Here, A Little There

-{Find the look at Ann Taylor}-

Budget friendly and great to wear with many pieces you own. Leopard print shoes are the hottest way to wear the trend this fall.

Wear last seasons purchase right now

-{Similar bag by Nine West}-

Last season it was all about leopard print bags, this season add it to your fall wardrobe with great boots and skinny pants for an everyday kind-of look.

"You need to know what you want and who you are, and you have to convey it to others quickly so that you shine at first impression." - Burberry's Christopher Bailey

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Forever Together: Fur + Leather

Carole McClellan's future was destined to be in the art of fashion. At age 14 she fell in love with an expensive leather jacket she couldn't afford, which led her to a profession of making pieces for others to cherish. I felt the need to share her talent, her home, and her work. What you may not know about Carole: she left college after just one semester to seek a living as a designer, using strictly:

|fur + leather|.

Seattle Met Buzz

To the right: Refurbished Persian lamb funnel-neck coat ($3,260)

To the left: Refurbished Saga black cross mink vest ($2,350)

Made to Order

I have been in closets where women have beautiful leathers and furs that are just sitting there. Really, all it needs is a little altering in the shoulders, but if you really want to take it apart, Carole can make custom pieces you can wear. According to Carole, "A piece that has been passed down can be retouched and last another 20 years."

Her Loft: Home and Studio

Carole's attention to detail took my breath away. From consultation to drawing, designing to sewing, each process was completed with intricate work and focus. I must share with you, these pictures do not do justice and hardly captures the feeling of the fur or workmanship in the structure of the pieces.

**Fall 2011 leather basics are in the works, and the best part? There are more colors, washable leather, and waterproof leather integrated in the mix.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TLC's: What not to wear

If you've watched Stacy London on the hit show, "What not to wear," you are familiar with her makeover magic. Over the weekend she made an appearance at the Westfield Southcenter Mall and her team of stylists were offering makeovers to the ladies that attended.

I got to sit down and interview a stylist from Oregon who came to Seattle to help with the tour. According to her, the worst fashion mistake a person can make is wearing trends from head to toe rather than using a trend or a couple trends to express your individuality. I completely agree but I feel lately that the use of leggings have abused by women, it's almost as if they are starting to feel too comfortable in them. Wearing shear leggings with short tops and showing off their bare skin, white leggings...I don't even want to go there, wearing leggings with tennis shoes, with summer dresses, and I can go on.

In our business casual city of Seattle there are a few pieces every woman should own. We both came up with a different answer. Her answer was a black or navy jacket. In one day a woman will drop her children off at school, go to a meeting at work, take the kids to a game, and end up at a cocktail party. A blazer is a piece that will make you feel good and look appropriate no matter what. Which of course is a must and I added a great go-to shoe. I work with many women that stick to black shoes, clogs, and cheap flats because women struggle with finding shoes that have comfort and style.

Here is a video from the tour of "Invest in This." For my clients I actually tell them to invest in a good shoe and a jacket. If you want comfort and you want style, a JC Penny shoe is not going to cut it, and if you want to be taken seriously in the work place or are on the run, a good jacket will always keep your outfit tailored and sharp.

What piece would you invest in?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seattle's 1st Annual Swapping Spree

I want to personally want to thank each and everyone of you for making this event such a success! We have had many attendees ask us if we could do this twice a year and we are working to see if it would be possible. It was the first HUGE event I had ever put on and it wouldn't of been possible without the help of Amanda Lang and Angie Bryant.







Thank you to our sponsors: Duque Salon and Spa, Tiffany Nash Beauty, DoTERRA, Namasday, JewelMint

Swag Bag Donations: Sassy Fit, Barbara Gardner Jewelry, Unamore Weddings, Duque Salon and Spa, Lover's Lane, Pop Chips, Bride on a Bike, Seattle Weekly, and Jewel Mint

Raffle Donations: Hotel 1000, La Isla, Seattle Weekly, Beauty Alert, Girly Girl Wines, Chocolate Box, Lover's Package, Duque Salon, and Tannya Bernadette, and Frida Lover Jewelry

Non-Profits: Jubilee Women's Center and Adelante

This Season's Must Have Blouse

I have been totally intrigued by the impact this blouse has made. Literally every store you walk into has every color, pattern, and bow size imaginable. My mind literally thinks up of many ways to adapt this piece in your wardrobe.

WHY you must have it? It is a menswear inspired piece that will still give you the power you want in the workplace but with a feminine feel to it.

Put Together Comfort

If you are looking for comfort in your work attire, wear flats in a luxurious color and style.

Everybody Knows Your Name

Two prints combined to create an eye pleasing look. A play on colors for an energy lifting outfit.

Dressed to Conquer

You cannot tell me this isn't the most absolute timeless yet modern outfit you've seen. The skinny mary jane shoes will do the trick to tie together this work attire.

70s Chicest Comeback


A style icon for her one shoulder dresses, white suits, Grecian draped dresses, turbans and much more.


Who could forget her in the movie Klute, her suede boots, short skirts, and fringe everywhere.


Their suits, strictly business!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Sneak Peak!

Fashionable and Floral

This vintage style floral hand bag is perfect for a night out.

Fierce in Fuchsia

Stand out in this amazing little number by designer Nicole Miller. Wear this under your favorite little blazer.

Designer: Nicole Miller, Size: L


Printed to Perfection

You'll be sure to make a statement where ever you go in this top

Designer: CDW : Size: L

Cream of the Crop

Spice up the simplest outfit with a top like this by Ann Taylor

Designer: Ann Taylor Loft, Size M

Always In Style

This bag by Kate Spade is definitely a wardrobe staple for every woman.

Designer: Kate Spade


Rainy Days

Who says you can't be fashionable in the rain?

Designer: Banana Republic, Size 8