Saturday, May 28, 2011

Expect the unexpected

Let me share with you a new client who LOVES to shop, owns many designer pieces, and had only worn the same few items over and over again. She found me at my consignment boutique and told me she knows she has great pieces but needs help condensing her closet and finding out how to use what she already owns.

When I opened her closet I couldn’t believe the variety of clothing she had. I could tell she knew how to search for quality and understood what she liked but wasn’t making the most of her wardrobe. When I asked her how she would describe her style she explained, “I love to attend art shows and like to wear the unexpected, but I am not showing off my creative side as much as I’d like.”

I had three sessions with her and after the first consultation she couldn’t believe how many outfits could come from her wardrobe and she saw her pieces in a whole new light. The best part was to hear her say she wanted to go out more because she feels so good in everything now.

Three ways to achieve the unexpected look:

Mix Prints!

A floral top can be combined with polka dots or stripes. Just make sure you have the right shoe to bring together the look. Here I used a pale yellow heel to add more color and lighten the look for springtime!

Casual vs. Dressy

Why women don't wear their favorite pieces more often? They categorize their shoes, tops, pants, skirts, etc as casual or dressy and strictly use it that way. Look at how great this outfit looks! A cotton striped "casual" top with a flirty floral "dressy" skirt and of course the perfect shoe a color blocked flat sandal to make this "dressy" skirt appropriate for a summer day.

Combining different textures

I wouldn't pair a cotton tee and a cotton vest, instead wear a silky floral top and a long coton vest in a slightly heavier weight with your favorite black pants and sandals. A laid back, effortlessly put together look. People will look at how great you look and wonder, how does she do that?

That is just a little sneak peak at the magic of combining pieces in new ways. Try something new, have fun with the pieces you love and wear them more often.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Special Finds You Won't Believe

Thrift store shopping can be a treasure hunt if you have patience and know what to look for. I thought I'd share a few things I found for clients, all different ages and styles.

Vertigo - Size: M - $12.97

This client loves color and classic pieces, the zip up jacket above is flattering and a great material for travel. It's warm enough for Seattle and bright enough for spring.

Black and White Top - Size: M - $7.99

Everyone can use a nice black and white top for spring/summer, it's perfect for pairing with colorful cardigans and tailored jackets.

Green Sweater - Size M - $9.97

I'm loving this peapod color for the season, bold hues and khaki make a great combo. Gold jewelry adds a nice glamorous touch to this green as well.

Ann Taylor - Size M - $9.97

A red top and white pants look so hot. Perfect detailing along the neckline makes this top great to wear underneath jackets or on it's own!

$2.99- Necklace

Stock up on fun jewelry, these are glass beads with a floral painted design and braided chain.

Liz Claiborne - $29.97

Okay, so I kept this one for myself but look at the beauty of it! No scratches looks brand new. I say if you are going to spend less on a bag, venture away from the typical black handbag. You can have fun with the style and color if you spend less, take a risk!


1. Inspect the piece: No stains, rips, tears

2. It should look fairly new

3. It must FIT correctly

4. It should fit your signature style, just because it fits, doesn't mean you will wear it.

5. Fall in love with the piece and not the price tag.

"I love fashion it's artwork you get to wear." - Fendi