Friday, January 20, 2012

Digging Deep

'Cabin Fever' - if your energy level went down during this snow filled week, it's time to get into the regular groove again!
-{Pineapple Muffins}-

I haven't worked from home in over a year, I had to cancel (which I NEVER do) 10 appointments this week and didn't go to my office once.

Let me just say, day 1 was close to routine with my daily run, answering e-mails, getting all dressed up, and straigtening my hair. By day 4 I had my hair in a bun, pulled out my sweats and v-neck cotton tee, and filled my day with baking (literally all day).

It really got me thinking, when I dress up, I really dress up for myself, to show up completely for the job at hand. It just goes to show how the clothing I choose to wear affects my mood and energy.

What I wore this week and how it got me up and going:
Snow Gear: This outfit was too warm, I couldn't be inside for long. It got me out of the house and into the chilly weather to walk my dogs.

Workout gear: Gets me enregeized and committed to head over to the gym.
Sweats and a Tee: I find my inner domestic self and choose to clean and bake and stay indoors. In this clothing I don't get to the gym, answer e-mails, or get anything done on my to-do list.

Now from the top of my head, I can come up with a few favorites:

Brown Rouched Dress: Sexy yet elegant and definitely not over the top

Red Lycra/Cotton Dress: A subtle sexy, casual look that is easy to wear.
Flat Boots: On a mission to clean closets!
Tights: Long, lean, and professional.
Lace Up Suede Boots: The extra height I crave, super edgy and feminine.

Become aware of yourself and your clothing. Make the necessary changes to your closet for a more successful and accomplished year . If there are certain colors or sepeartes that dampen your mood, take them out now. The pieces that boost your confidence and make you feel great, those are definite keepers and should be worn often.

I want to challenge you to notice how certain pieces of clothing make you feel. 

Share pictures of your favorite pieces and why you wear them to or on the facebook page: tbstylist

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Fest

Winter Fest
Look #1: An Easy Classic With a Twist
Don't forget your layers this week, wear a soft button down blouse
with a knit sweater for a warm combo. Keep your feet dry with
tall leather boots.
Look #2: On Trend Wedge Bootie
For the bold and brave, strut a color block look with watermelon
colored pants and a true blue cashmere pullover. The sand
colored wedges play well with the colorful look
Look#3: Soft Suiting
Sometimes those open cardigans make your look feel too
casual, wear a floral print ankle pant and ballet flats for a
tailored soft suiting look.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Enhance Your Work Attire

It's time to get your work wear ready for the 2012. Using these easy to follow rules will enhance your image at work to a more professional and respectable level. Let me warn you that your co-workers, may start to envy your cool tricks. 

Style Tip #1: Not your classic work pant

If you have been wearing the classic work pant for 2+ years, it may be time to change it up. I suggest the cafe capri, which hits right above the ankle. It allows you to show off your fabulous shoes with a french flair.

Style Tip #2: Exchange your cardigans

As comfortable as they feel, a button down crew neck cardigan or cardigan set can get boring. Purchase a jacket that nips in the waist and sits comfortably in the shoulders. A jacket will last longer (no pilling in a few wears) and will take your casual wear to the next level.

Style Tip  #3: Be Jeweled
Michael Kors $125

Don't go overboard, but don't go bare. Jewelry can add class to a more casual top and can update last year's favorite blouses.

Style Tip #4: Put down the black pump
Nine West $89

I know you all probably have 3+ black shoes, but why? Because it is safe and a go-to piece you don't have to think about. This time, shop for color, or at least a black pump in a new shape such as a wedge, peep-toe, or mary jane.

Style Tip #5: Know where to add color

If your goal is to add color, it is important to know where. If you want to take the eye away from your hips, a bright skirt will not work well. Instead try a subdued pattern or solid in the skirt and a bright colored top. You want to add color to the areas you would like to accentuate: wrist, facial features, neckline, and anywhere else!

"I'm all for bargains but buying a lot isn't the best way to build a wardrobe. Instead, buy pieces that will look as good five years from now as they do today." - Laura Lusardi of Max Mara