Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flat out Fabulous

From work, to the park, to a relaxing night out with the girls. Staying put together on long days seems impossible, but it’s much more simple than you think. Your shoe can make or break your outfit, really! I must admit, as much as I love a sexy high heel the reality is a stylish flat is the right choice for daily use. If you have a bunion (like myself) you will  need a shoe that will keep your outfit looking impeccable and one that won’t hurt your feet after a few blocks.

Unless you are going to the gym, I say, let go of the tennis shoes and super chunky shoes that weigh down your look and find a flat with support, style, and flair!

I have three suggestions below to inspire you to try new colors and designs, try a new style than the one you normally pick up for yourself.

The weekend shoe

Fossil Ella $79 at Piperlime

Treat yourself to a pedi with a bright summer color and show off your toes. This shoe can be worn with rolled up jeans, khaki skirts paired with your fav stripped tee, or colorful tops.

Made to last

Frye Emma Ballet $177.95 at Nordstrom

This shoe is inspired by the Mexican huarache sandal which was originally hand woven and made to last 15 - 20 years! This modern flat is a beautiful addition to your wardrobe if your style consists of boxy tees, boho tops, feathered earrings, and handbags with fringe these are for you!

For the love of quality

Cece leather and canvas ballet flat $128 at J Crew

Not only is this a classic style, it has a great color to add to your transitional pieces. You can wear neutrals from head to toe and add color with a belt, scarf, jewelry, or SHOE. Embrace the the bold prints and colors this season. By the way if you love quality, these are made in Italy, so hard to find in department stores these days.

“Trying to be cool or trendy doesn’t work. It’s more vital to be relevant to women’s lives.” Alber Elbaz

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Correct Way to Wear a Maxi Skirt

You may have noticed the huge maxi-skirt trend seen on the stars on the streets and on the models of the runways. It’s a great trend to try, but if not done right, the maxi skirt will leave you looking frumpy. Although the maxi is most flattering on tall women, any woman can pull off the look by following these styling tips:

1) Add Interest
Although the maxi trend was influenced by the 70’s, that doesn’t mean you have to copy the trend literally. It’s 2011 and you want to look modern, so add interest with a long necklace, dangly earrings, edgy booties or high-heeled boots. If your skirt  is in a neutral color, wear a colored top. Or instead of a basic maxi skirt, try a ruffled skirt.

2) Wear a Fitted Top
To balance out the amount of volume on bottom, you need to wear a fitted shirt on top. Avoid billowy blouses that can make you look big. Try a button-up shirt, a basic tee, or a screen-printed tee.

3) Define Your Waist

Under all those layers of clothes, the shape of your body will disappear. Define your waist by tucking in your top, wearing a belt, and/or wearing a cropped jacket or cardigan, but please no crop tops.